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About Us G-Energy







Our company

G-Energy was born with the aim to give life to the ideas of Giuliano Guerra, whose inspiration was research and development of innovative solutions, standardized and easy to apply. Today G-Energy consists of a group of professionals with a multidisciplinary background. Furthermore G-Energy is part of a professional network that operates both in Italy and abroad. With innovation as main target G-Energy has grown on a young, streamlined and dynamic structure, able to deal fast and efficiently with customer problems. The company's mission is to offer the customer experience and established expertise in the high-tec energy sector. Our vision is always turn towards the future for the development of efficient and innovative solutions.

Our values and expertise

Value of our work is based on the following keystrenghts:



in working in high-tech fields


we deeply love our work

Open Mind

intensive and efficient use of all the best renewable resources


Our Client need is always our priority


We are ready to face every problems


We don’t know everything , but we know where we can find what you need

Our Organization

G-Energy has the ability to manage complex and multidisciplinary projects, thanks to the collaboration of a network of professionals and external companies able to supplies activities which are outside the company's core business.
On site activities

  •  Management of renewable power plants
  • Remote Monitoring of power plants
  • On site testing,  commissioning
  • Protections setting & testing
  • Troubleshooting

  • Feasibility studies
  • Energy Efficiency Consultancy
  • Substations Design AT & MT
  • Fire prevention
  • Permitting for power plants