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Authorisation for plant installation and operation

Pratiche autorizzative per costruzione ed esercizio impianti

Project Detail

G-energy can offer to the customer its experience in the field of construction permitting for  installation and operation of power generation facilities.

The main services offered in this context are:

  • Plant registration at Agenzia delle Dogane
  • Connection permit at the Network Distribution Agency
  • Fire safety permit
  • Registration on Gaudi Terna system
  • Registration in the Authority for Electricity and Gas Water System database

The assistance consists of the preparation of necessary documentation and of interfacing directly on behalf of the customer with the Authorisation bodies.

We also offer assistance in the construction permits for the installation of heating systems, such as:

  • Municipal practice
  • Fire Brigade practice

We believe that interacting effectively and efficiently with the bodies responsible for the various functions in the energy sector can be used to get the greatest benefit from their role in the fastest possible resolution of problems and requirements.

G-energy devotes part of its resources to this delicate activity, allowing the customer to save time and resources.