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Energy efficiency


Project Detail

Our company offers the customer a wide range of consulting services, to help the Client in the complicated world of energy.

  • Regulatory watchdog: G-Energy devotes part of its resources to the constant monitoring of regulatory changes in the energy sector and aims to keep the customer updated about the latest news and legislative constraints
  • Interaction with the Agencies (GSE, Agenzia delle Dogane, Authority for Electricity Gas and Water Supply System, Terna, …): G-Energy helps the customer in the managing of power plants, offering support in the interaction with the permitting Agencies. The interaction with Agencies includes management of qualifications request, such IAFR, RIU, SEU and SEESEU qualifications
  • Compliance with regulatory obligations: Management of the power plants is far from simple and requires the respect of many obligations throughout the course of the year. G-Energy allows the customer to not having to worry about strict deadlines and long compilations offering a complete service of administration of the formalities for the production of electricity
  • Management of incentives for energy production from renewable sources: since many years G-Energy obtains for its customers required incentive for energy production from renewable sources. Besides G-Energy manages over time incentives, respecting the monthly and annual deadlines related to incentive transposition. This type of activity includes the constant monitoring of changes in legislation in this regard and the evaluation of optimal configurations for the customer from the economic point of view.
  • Management of White Certificates: since years G-Energy provides a service to the customer in obtaining White Certificates. G-Energy carries out feasibility studies for projects aimed at obtaining White Certificates, evaluating the technical and economic advantage linked to the implementation of efficiency measures. G-Energy accompanies the customer throughout the process of obtaining White Certificates  and in the years following the positive outcome of the request we help further the Client in the White Certificates management
  • Training in the energy sector: the energy sector is constantly evolving and it is very difficult to stay abreast of regulatory and technical updates. G-Energy offers the customer consultancy and training on the latest innovations in energy efficiency. G-Energy provides consultancy in the attainment of the certification as an ESCO (Energy Service Company) according to UNI CEI 11352.