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HV Substation

Electrical Engineering
Impianti AT

Project Detail

Since the beginning G-Energy develops projects related to the specific skills of the owner. Giuliano Guerra vision is based on over 10 years of business with ABB, especially with regard to high-voltage substations in 66-420KV range.

Our reference list is full of substation projects, in which we participated both as providers of industry-leading companies and as suppliers of engineering services for the customer.

Design of electrical systems is the core business and main expertise of G-Energy, developed over the years.
Main steps of our design service are the following:
1) Feasibility study to identify the best technical and economic solution
2) Network studies to ensure operation safety of a complex network
3) Definition of operating conditions of electrical systems
3) Purchase Specifications of plant components
4) technical evaluation of offers and, if required, support for the customer in the technical and economical negotiations with suppliers
5) Executive design based on well-established internal expertise and external networked collaboration skills



Impianti-Alta-Tensione-Montante-trasformatoreG-Energy offers its expertise and extensive experience in the design of high voltage substations.


Impianti-mobili-ATG-Energy offers its expertise and extensive experience in the design of high voltage mobile substations.