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Monitoraggio Impianti Fotovoltaici

Project Detail

One of the activities offered by G-Energy is monitoring and diagnostics of PV systems. The service is to supervise the installation through a data collection system, which will be installed at the PV system for the duration of the contract.

The system is able to monitor the main operating parameters and make them available on a dedicated website, which can be accessed by typing the user name and password.

G-Energy monitors from June 2012 about 30 medium and small plants (10-200kW) using a system developed specifically to meet management needs of a production plant.

PV monitoring service includes a number of activities chosen by the customer:

  • Installation of the monitoring system
  • Preliminary check of plant production
  • Registration of plant’s data on the website
  • Dedicated access to the system using ID and Password
  • Facility management and data processing
  • Facility check and daily performance verification
  • Monthly production reports
  • Monitoring system is substantially constituted by:
  • Sensors (irradiation and temperature)
  • Data logger
  • Software platform