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Regulatory compliance and power plants management

Adempimenti normativi e Gestione impianti di produzione

Project Detail

G-Energy, in its decades of experience, has repeatedly received confirmation of the importance of proper and careful management of energy production systems, so that they are a source of profit and not a problem. Good management is indeed crucial for the optimal use of the system and for the use of further economic benefits deriving from it.

With this motivation G-year Energy offers its customers a full management service of production facilities, which does not leave anything to chance and allows to keep under control the production facilities.
The service we offer includes the following activities:
– Monitoring System
– Interface with Authorization Bodies
– Regulatory Watchdog
– Operational Services

Regulatory compliance

G-Energy brings to the customer its energy expertise to manage relationships with the agencies of the energy sector (Energy Services Operator, Authority for Electricity gas and water supply system, Terna , Enel Distribuzione, …) and meet the related obligations.

We believe that a comprehensive management system also includes an effective interface with the bodies responsible for the various functions in the energy sector, in order to take greater advantage of their role and for a quick resolution of problems and fulfillments.

G-Energy devotes part of its resources to this important activity, while allowing the customer to save time and resources.

G-Energy, jointly with the managing of activities required by energy sector agencies on account of customers, offers a continuous monitoring service of existing legislation by highlighting for each customer interesting developments, as well as the introduction of any new obligations, including the development of new opportunities in the energy field.

The regulatory and legislative alert activity is directed to the manufacturer in the case of energy production and is followed by an adaptation of the installations, done on site by our most experienced and skilled technicians.

The adaptation of electrical systems is carried out in order to comply with the applicable:

  • regulations (CEI, UNI, EN)
  • legislation (Presidential Decree Laws, Prime Ministerial Decree, Decree, Ministerial Decree, etc.)
  • guidelines (AdD, VVF, etc.)
  • requirements of the electric system operators (TERNA, ENEL)

Energy field is continuously submitted to changes and being constantly updated on it and able to move among the various energy sector legislation is very demanding.

Regulatory developments should be monitored continuously for two main reasons. On one hand it is necessary for the manufacturer to be aware of the introduction of new obligations, in order to avoid the risk that the plant is inadequate. On the other hand it is very important to keep abreast of regulatory changes in order to take advantage of any economic benefits or concessions promoted by laws.


Power plants management

G-Energy provides a monitoring service of the production facilities and an onsite service, able to act promptly in case of malfunctions or failures and to restore the proper functioning of the installations.