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The commissioning service’s target is to verify the correct installation and proper functioning of the system in accordance with the design intent before delivery to the final customer.

The verification and documentation of the commissioning process ensures that the systems are planned, designed, installed, tested, operated and maintained in accordance with the objectives proposed in the design phase.

Commissioning is an activity carried out by us through maximum cooperation and synergy between the parties involved (designers, suppliers, customers) in order to achieve the best performance and ensuring the quality of service.

G-Energy can boast decades of experience in this field, not only nationally, but also internationally, allowing the costumer to obtain:

  • Accordance with technical specifications of supply
  • Minimization of consequences of changes from the project and then of construction costs
  • Reduction of delays in project implementation
  • Optimized management of the plants start-up
  • Optimization of plant performance and reliability